CT for Joomla! – 3.2.6 (2024-02-25)

  • Bugs fixed:
    1. Toolbar buttons “return to” functionality fixed.
    2. Radio field type input box value bug fixed.
    3. GPS coordinates value output bug fixed.
    4. Table integrity check – Add New Table bug fixed.
    5. Table creation on fresh website fixed.
    6. File Link field type bug fixed. It was affecting websites that are not in the root folder.
    7. 3rd-party imported tables in the admin back-end warning – fixed.
    8. Create new field bug fixed.
    9. String field type input length bug fixed.
    10. File Box field type – upload new file bug fixed.
    11. Copy Table fields parameters bug fixed.
    12. Change field and copy table methods improved. Type consistent. Also search by date fixed.
  • Code organization and future compatibility:
    1. SQL query selects are sanitized in a single file.
    2. Find Similar Images class moved to CustomTables name space.
    3. JoomlaBasicMisc class replaced with CTMiscHelper class
    4. Pagination class moved out of the CT Library and available in Joomla version only. There will be different pagination class for WP.
    5. LayoutEditor class created and methods moved to this new class.
    6. CT_FieldTypeTag_FileBox moved to InputBox_filebox
    7. Factory::getApplication()->enqueueMessage replaced with common::enqueueMessage()
    8. Third-party libraries updated or moved. Database class improved – more secure approach.

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