CT for Joomla! – 3.2.5 (2024-01-29)

  • Improvements / new:
    1. JS Methods added:
    2. saveRecord(url, fieldsAndValues, listing_id, successCallback, errorCallback); and reloadRecord(listing_id);
    3. Table Join List field filtering improved, accepts both short and long values (multiple values)
    4. {{ record.islast }} tag added to documentation.
    5. Update da-DK.com_customtables.ini – Translation improved.
  • Code organization and future compatibility:
    1. database::setQuery was removed and replaced with specific methods in the database class.
    2. DB Query uses Joomla modern method to form the query.
  • Bugs fixed:
    1. Ordering field type (create new field) bug fixed.
    2. Installation and table structure check bug fixed.
    3. Filter with OR operator bug fixed.
    4. Table Join List field type Search Box fixed.
    5. Float filter bug fixed. It was converted to an Integer before.
    6. Value rule default null value added.
    7. Add a new record in the back-end bug fixed.
    8. Delete record bug fixed.
    9. Save and continue return page bug fixed.
    10. return query string added – this is for the back-end

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