CT for Joomla! – 3.2.7 (2024-03-06)

  • WordPress compatibility (Custom Tables for WordPress can be downloaded here):
    1. WP: List of fields in the Field Type selection reordered. Shows only tested Layout Tags and options. Not Joomla related.
    2. Delete record compatible with WP, other incompatible toolbar buttons disabled for WP.
    3. Edit toolbar button compatible with WP
    4. Search redirect is compatible with WP now.
    5. WordPress pro version activation check added.
  • Obsolete:
    1. Unused Search Box OnChange call removed.
  • Bugs fixed:
    1. Table Import (back-up) minor bugs fixed.
    2. Error creating a menu entry – Fixed.
    3. Catalog record refresh or modal edit updates reload bug fixed.
    4. Task redirect link fixed.
    5. Go Back button on Edit Form fixed.
    6. Private File Link bug fixed and Variable Type in Import CSV method fixed.
  • Improvements:
    1. Layout Name can be lower and uppercase
    2. Translation text improved, Import Tables – table creation field types fixed.
    3. Allow radio field type to Save Unicode values.
  • Code organization and future compatibility:
    1. Registry replaced with Array, Table Join filter label fixed.
    2. File, Image, and Blob field type available in the PRO version only.
    3. Translation separated.
    4. CT Library “echo” outputs removed
    5. Translations unified and library links updated.
    6. Direct File Access line shortened.

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