CT for Joomla! – 3.2.2 (2024-01-06)

  • Code organization and future compatibility:
    1. Tree Field type removed.
    2. Article and file Link Selectors moved from the Helper to CT Library
    3. Common Joomla and WP methods are separated. json_encode replaced by common::ctJsonEncode
    4. inputGet replaced with inputPost where possible.
    5. strip_tags replaced with common::ctStripTags
    6. “returnto” moved to ct-common-joomla.php and ct-common-wp.php
    7. WP and Joomla database methods are separated.
    8. Select query moved to database class, where clause class added with internal sanitization.
    9. Table Join, Table Join List, Signature field types moved to the Pro Plugin, also Twig filters also moved to the plugin.
    10. Field Extra tasks (like moving images from folder to folder) also became a part of the Pro version. All this is because of the use of base64_encoding which is not advised by JED.
    11. Where clouse is more strict and more secure.
  • Bugs fixed:
    1. File field type bug fixed.
    2. Table multilingual description improved – If there is no translation then the English Tab version is used.
    3. Checkbox input fixed, Yes/No options fixed. The required field check for that type of field is fixed.
    4. Checkbox and captcha for J3.x fixed.
    5. CSV Import of Time field type values bug has been fixed. The time value like 15:45:55 has to be converted to seconds and then to Ticks before being stored in the Database.

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